Alarm Systems

CCTV (closed circuit television) has been around for a while with combination of of equipment such as DVR's(digital video recorders) a system of monitoring and capturing video and still images is is created and this can be controlled from a central control room.This system can operate continuously or it can also be programmed to record at certain times and events. A more advanced form of CCTV, utilizing digital video recorders, (DVRs), provides recording for possibly many years, with a variety of quality and performance options and extra features (such as motion detection and email alerts).

CCTV Surveillance system is paramount for home and businesses. Fluxlinks security provides a wide range of CCTV security cameras; from multi-camera, all-weather options, day or night vision cameras, to do-it-yourself covert video surveillance devices, there's a solution available for everyone to monitor their home or office and you can then relax and be sure that you have made the right decision to secure you assets and property with us.


  • Conventional Fire Detection
  • Analogue Addressable Fire Detection
  • CO2 Gas Protection
  • FM200 Gas Protection

  • Power and Alarm Fence
  • Intelligent Perimeter Sensors/Anti-Intrusion

The Benefits include

  • Trigger alarms and create awareness.
  • Facilitates quick evacuation in the case of fire or hazard.
  • Notify law enforcement and catch perpetraitors in the act.
  • quickly put the situation under control and salvage assets and intellectual property.

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